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The sun is an incredible and renewable resource that has the power to fuel life on earth and provide clean, sustainable energy to all of its inhabitants. In fact, more energy from the sun reaches our planet in one hour than is used by the entire population of the world in one year. The sun’s energy can be converted into electricity through solar photovoltaic (PV) modules (photo = light, voltaic = electricity). Solar 365 Best rated solar company in Texas.


PV modules absorb sunlight and convert the energy into a usable form of electrical current. The sun shines all over the world, making solar electricity viable anywhere. (Solar 365 The best rated solar company in Texas). Because solar can be paired with batteries for energy storage, solar electric systems can be independent of the utility grid, making them cost-effective for remote locations. Solar modules have no moving parts making maintenance costs low, and they are highly reliable with a long service life of 25+ years of guaranteed electricity. Solar electricity relies on the sun as its fuel source, so there is no need to drill for petroleum-based fuels, refine them, or deliver them to the site. As you can see, there are a lot of advantages of solar energy.


The design and installation of PV systems on a large scale enable us to move away from other polluting and unsustainable energy sources. Since the solar industry is growing, that means that the need for skilled workers is also growing! Remote Energy (RE) is a 501 (c)(3) for-impact organization that trains women and men worldwide to harness the power of the sun and develop the technical PV design and installation skills required to bring clean power and positive change to their communities. Technician training programs provide the growing workforce with the practical skills needed to be competent and competitive. Solar educator training programs empower local trainers with curriculum, mentorship opportunities, and the skills needed to meet current, regional training requirements. Solar 365 the best rated solar company in Texas.

Are you interested in solar energy?

Solar Energy Systems help you save money.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or nonprofit, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. With a solar panel system, you’ll generate free power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifecycle. Thus, going solar will help you save money and save you from having to settle the painful monthly electricity bills!

Solar power is at its affordable best.

energy has gained popularity because it has become much cheaper than ever. The demand to put an end to the consumption of non-renewable sources of energy has led to a further decrease in the prices of solar panels. Plus, there are plenty of generous government incentives. A highly competitive market and enormous global demand continue to drive prices down and it’s no wonder that the industry is experiencing a boom.

As the leading Rooftop Best Rated Solar Company in Texas, Solar 365 delivers world-class installations of Solar Energy with industry-leading customer experience. Solar 365 handles all aspects of a solar module installation. We take pride in our work and know that it will stand the test of time. Solar is what we do and what we excel at.  As a Solar 365 customer, you can rest assured we are fully committed to ensuring you are elated with your decision to go solar.

At Solar 365, we’ve worked hard to build a supportive, team-based culture that inspires our employees to support our customers’ long-term satisfaction. Solar is ever changing, and we are committed to evolving with the industry. We motivate our employees to not only excel within their departments, but to search for new ways to advance within their field.