Questions About Solar Energy

About Solar Energy

Questions About Solar Energy


First, you will speak with a dealer from a local solar sales company about solar energy to customize the right plan for your home. (We are happy to suggest sales companies if you need recommendations!) After your sale is finalized, your dealer will contact Titan with your paperwork. Once this process has been completed, Titan will reach out to you to customize your design plan, install the system, connect it to the grid, and start your solar savings!

Purchased systems can be relocated to your new home or you can include the system into your home value. If you used a leasing company, you can pay off the system or you can transfer it to the new homeowner. If you elect to pay off the system, you can include this price in your listing price. Contact Titan if you have any questions..

Recent reports show that solar panels can immediately add value to your home. Don’t take our word for it, read this report from EnergySage.

Routine maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Contact one of our agents so they can let you know how much specifically you will save. About solar energy!

Installation timelines depend on the size of the system. Normally, an installation takes less than one day. A very large system can take up to two days.

Yes, however, where the energy is stored is dependent upon whether you choose to install a solar storage battery with your system. If your installation does include a storage battery, your excess energy will be sent there. If your system does not include a battery, excess energy produced will be sent to the utility grid until sundown.

As long as your roof has the room for additional panels. Contact Titan and we can assist you!

If the power goes out in your area, systems tied to the grid go out also. It is not safe to send power out to the grid where workers are attempting to fix a power outage problem. Weather conditions like rain and snow can affect system production, however, solar panels will continue to produce solar energy on a cloudy or foggy day

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