San Antonio Heat Records

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Hottest May in San Antonio recorded in 2022
according to National Weather Service.

It was the hottest May on record according to the National Weather Service in San Antonio / New Braunfels. It’s astonishing to say that with records going back all the way to spring of 1885. There’s a couple of days when the Alamo City had reached triple digits. The factors that came about this record are the average lows and highs which came to be 82.2 degrees fahrenheit beating the previous contender of May in 1996, which that recorded as an average of 81.9 degrees fahrenheit. You’re gonna wanna wipe the sweat off your face when you hear that we had hit a high temperature of 101 a whopping four times already in the month of May. Those dates were on 5/7, Mother’s Day (5/8), 5/18 & 5/21. Also, it appears that the end of May won’t result in any participation from the skies above that are desperately needed. We’re not even in summer yet, which starts on June 21st.

May 2022 was the hottest may on record for San Antonio.

Records date back to 1885 If you thought this past month was a scorcher, you’d be correct!

In fact, May 2022 will go down in the record books as the hottest May that San Antonio has experienced since detailed record-keeping began 137 years ago.

Just how hot?

Official weather information, including temperature, has been collected from the weather station at the San Antonio International Airport since 1942. Before that, records were kept at the San Antonio Weather Bureau Offices in downtown San Antonio and Fort Sam Houston.

The average temperature

the average of the daily lows and highs -- for May 2022 was 83.0°. That’s 6.6 degrees above average! Just about every single day was hot, with only four days being cooler than average.

And it wasn’t just the average temperature that was hot! In fact, the daily high temperature for May 2022 averaged out to 94.8° -- the hottest on record.